What Do We Teach?

Inspired by The Holy Spirit, our teachings are derived from Genesis to Revelations with our emphasis on Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The messages are relevant to our generation and culture.  New Life is a Non-Denominational Christian Church.   


Welcome To New Life

If you haven't been to New Life, you've got to try it.  We believe you're going to love it!  Our Sunday morning services are for EVERYONE and totally different from what you grew-up with in the traditional "Church".  We're not like anyone else and we really prayed to be different.  

You can expect to be welcomed into a loving atmosphere that is joyful, light and very comfortable.  You'll never feel out of place, pushed or pressured.  At New Life, it's all about you and you're going to feel like God intended you to feel.

Our Biblical-based messages are spot-on, informative and about REAL life, you'll relate immediately.  The message will build you up and not leave you feeling torn down.  You'll be left renewed, refreshed and encouraged to be all that God created you to be.  We believe you will be blessed! 

Broadcasting Live every Sunday Night at 7 PM @ Marti McGrail on Facebook.

This Week at New Life
Our Story

What Are Our Core Values?

Our Core Values are very simple.  God loves everyone, no matter who you are, who you think you are, or who people say you are, and He wants a personal relationship with you today.  

Who Is Our Pastor?

Pastor Marti and Jessica McGrail founded and built New Life Christian Church in 2001.  Marti was ordained in 1996 at Faith-Fellowship World Outreach Ctr, by Pastor David T. Demola and Jessica in 2012.  Both are members of Covenant Ministries International and Joel Osteen's Network of Champion Churches.