Jessica's Garden Cafe

Every Sunday something incredible happens at New Life.  After our Worship Service, Jessica and her team opens her Garden Cafe to everyone who comes to new life, and it's all free!  Throughout the week as Pastor Marti is preparing the spiritual food, Jessica is shopping in the local markets or restaurants like Carrabba's, Panera's Bread House, Costco and local supermarkets buying the best food she can find.  Each week, she carefully selects the main dish and some incredible desserts.  We believe with all of our heart that being fed spiritually and physically is an intricate part of worship and fellowship, and best of all everyone loves it!  Frankly, there's nothing like it.  The ambiance is tropical, the music is island festive and upbeat, and the air is filled with celebration as our guests are given our very best.  Jessica's Garden Cafe is the talk of the town and nothing compares.  It's rated 5 Star!  

Jessica's Garden Cafe is so important to the overall mission of the ministry "People Caring For People" that we followed our vision and built a beautiful year-round glass atrium.  We want to continue feeding whoever comes the very best, even during the cold winter months in absolute tropical comfort.  We can see the difference it makes in peoples lives when they are treated special.  That's really what ministry is all about to us, love and treating everyone as a VIP.  Come, and enjoy the very best with us any Sunday at 10:00 AM, you're going to love New Life!