This Week At New Life

Come just as you are, we're very casual. Music is beyond incredible and the topics are relevant to each and every one of our challenges today. The atmosphere is very comfortable, and their is absolutely no pressure to do anything other than be yourself and relax. 

Childcare is available and Jessica's Garden Cafe is opened to all members and guests for free. We pray we'll see you for the worship experience of a lifetime. We're different from the traditional or denominational church and are doors and arms are opened to EVERYONE! We guarantee, you're going to love New Life Christian Church! Service begins at 10:00 AM.

There are times you just have to let go if you're ever going to grow.  Certain people, places and things may be holding you back from being all that God created you to be and this Sunday we're going to see what God has to say about the things that hold you down and which ones have to go!  Don't miss this -- We all need God's input on getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. . . .